25 Thanks for 25 Years

Today I have been on this world for one quarter of a century… in other words, it is my 25th birthday!

Although I have been sick for the last week, away from home a lot due to work, and not cooking much I have been thinking a lot about how much I have changed in the past several years.  I wanted to start off my 25th year by expressing 25 things I am extremely grateful for in my life; things I will keep in mind moving forward, and remember when I am having a less than stellar day.

So, without further ado…

25. having access to fresh, healthy, real food, every. single. day.

24. living in a happening, wonderful city that makes me happy (especially in the summer!)

23. the fact that I am disease free and healthy!

22. my strong body that can lift heavy weights, walk around for hours, and be as active as I desire

21. an enjoyable job that allows me autonomy, the ability to work from home, and make commission for working hard

20. a new-found hunger for information on food, nutrition, and living a healthy life that made me reconsider going back for further education

19. Viv, my shiny, red A4 that zips me around and makes my day-job as a traveling sales rep SO much more bearable 🙂

18. the beautiful state of Minnesota that has treated me well for the first 25 years of my life

17. the opportunity to move to NYC later this year and REALLY get out of my tiny, familiar comfort zone

16. the dental work and braces that my amazing parents provided me, without which I would not have the confidence I do today

15. my “penthouse” apartment (25th floor!) with an incredible view that I get to share with my sweetie

14. my love for the written word that stemmed and grew from the most committed librarian I know (thanks Momma)

13. my education and experiences at the University of Minnesota (go Gophers!) that taught me a helluva lot more than just marketing and resume building

12. summer. because I am just sooo sick of winter and I miss the sun and the lake!

11. my fabulous girlfriends from childhood, high school, college, and beyond that are always there for me and will lunch, drink, paint, walk, boat, dance, workout, etc anytime I am in the mood

10. my sweet and saucy kitty, Jack who is the wildest but cuddliest cat you will ever meet

9. the nearly 200 Weaver family members (mom’s side) that have shaped my life in so many ways and have taught me how important family truly is, even if you don’t see them very often

8. my adorable, funny nieces and nephews that will always put a smile on my face (and make me realize that 5 years from now would be a good time to start having my own!)

7. my ability and desire to travel the world before I am settled (can’t WAIT for Europe this May!!!)

6. dark chocolate. ribeye. roasted sweet potatoes with cinnamon and coconut butter. kale chips. homemade mayo. coconut milk in my coffee. fresh fruit. margaritas 😉

5. a profound love for cooking, baking, experimenting and discovering new flavors/combinations in the kitchen

4. the  connectivity of our world that allows millions of people from across the globe to read my blog and share their own ideas and thoughts with me and millions of others

3. my amazingly special, talented, one of a kind sister Sarah who inspires me, surprises me, and makes me proud on a daily basis (currently living a wonderful life in AUSTRIA)

2. the best parents I could have ever asked for. I know a lot of people say they have the best parents, but they are wrong.  I do. period.

1. The Dr. My incredible guy I get to share my home, happiness, and life with. Gush gush gush.


Hopefully my 25 things didn’t bore ya to death.  If you have a few minutes try making a list of your own with one thing for each year you have been alive.  When you actually take the time to sit down and think of everything wonderful in your life it really brightens your day (or makes you tear up like crazy if you are a giant ball of emotion…)

Feel free to share a few things you are currently grateful for! and have a supes awesome weekend, I know I will!!! Lots of birthday plans including a secret b-day dinner with The Dr., dinner and margaritas with friends Saturday, and my first Restaurant Week dinner with my lovely parents on Sunday!

Sweet Potatoes and Smiles,

– The Freckled Foodie

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  1. Sarah February 24, 2013 at 3:37 pm Reply

    I cried. You are such an inspiration to me, and I’m so excited to see all that you can achieve in the next 25 🙂

  2. […] at least 10 things that you are incredibly grateful for, if you need inspiration you can look at my list of 25 I made for my birthday this year.  Once you have written them all out, take that list and hang it […]

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