Announcing The Fat-Burning Chef Cookbook!

Guys, I cannot contain my excitement!!!! I have been keeping something from you for a few months now and I am SO ECSTATIC I get to tell you about it, finally! I am pretttty bad at keeping secrets so this was a bit of a struggle but its finally time and now we can talk about it all we want!

What is IT you ask? Well, it is The Fat-Burning Chef Cookbook that Abel James (from the #1 Fat-Burning Man radio show) has put together made up of delectable recipes from some of the very best, hardest-hitting bloggers in the paleosphere! Over 20 paleo bloggers and best-selling authors, both established and up-in-coming contributed to the book and I am humbled and absolutely thrilled to have been part of such an awesome collaboration.  Someone come over and pinch me? 😀

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After reading through all the incredible recipes I can say, with 100% honesty that they all sound amazing and I cannot wait to start working through them! I am for SURE starting with both the Slow Cooker Chinese Spare Ribs (from SlimPalate) and the Paleo Creme Brulee (from SouthBeachPrimal) this week!
Because I am just so friggin’ happy right now, reason 1. being part of this incredible cookbook, and reason 2. being that I hit over 1,000 Likes on Facebook today, I have decided to do a GIVEAWAY to one lucky reader who purchases The Fat-Burning Chef Cookbook! One of you who purchases this awesome collaboration will receive a $50 Amazon Giftcard!!! AND if you take advantage soon then you get $20 off! Better get on it quick, yo. PLUS you can win an iPad and some other terrific prizes!
All you have to do is pick up this super rad cookbook by clicking on this link or clicking on the link on the sidebar to the right, then keep a copy (or picture) of your receipt, and leave a comment on this post that you did it! I will run this Giveaway until Friday, June 21st, so make sure you take advantage while you can 😀
See me in there?!!?!?!
The best part about all these recipes is that they are simple and easy to follow, so even if you aren’t the most experienced cook you will be able to handle, and enjoy them! There is also a really nice mix of breakfast, appetizers, soups, salads, pork, beef, seafood, and chicken entrees as well as a TON of desserts 😉 One of my very favorite salad recipes that I make very frequently is in there so if you want to try it you will have to get the fat-burning book!

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Sweet Potatoes and Smiles,
The Freckled Foodie

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