Feeling Great on Valentine’s Day (and the day after too)

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!  I love this holiday for so many reasons, one of which used to be all the CHOCOLATE and SWEETS! So far today I haven’t had any chocolate or sweets, however I am having some for dinner! Today is my last day of the Whole45 that I began on January 1st so I still can’t have any chocolate bars but I decided to make the Chocolate Chili from Well Fed and it smells soooo good in the crock pot 🙂 Can’t wait til The Dr. gets home so we can dig in!

Most people feel like it is a holiday so they are “allowed” to indulge in sugar.  The issue here is that there is ALWAYS an excuse. Someone’s birthday, a holiday, a work party, a girls night out… and then it becomes a frequent indulgence which is an issue.  If you were truly only going to indulge in sugary treats once, twice, or three times a year that would be totally reasonable, but think about it.  How often are you allowing yourself to a treat?  Probably too often (as I used to do too).

BUT I have good news for you! You can still have your chocolate fix or your sweets fix without causing damage or issues! Try googling “paleo treats” or visit Dessert Stalker and make a healthier version and then share the wealth! You could also go get some beautiful fresh fruit and make yourself a pretty little fruit tray and drizzle some dark chocolate over all of it 🙂  Another trick? Pick out a healthier treat recipe, paleo if you can, and then cut the recipe in half so I can’t overdo it.   I will be enjoying some fruit tonight and then am going to make a version of these bad boys tomorrow for The Dr. and I to share!

One last thing. Before you go buy a bunch of Valentine’s Day candy at the grocery store, Target, or drugstore take a few minutes and read this article on how commercial chocolate and candies are primarily made of GMO corn…ish.  There are too many awful things in 90% of candy and chocolate out there so PLEASE read your labels and don’t put that junk in your body.  Believe me, your bod will thank you!!

Sweet Potatoes and Smiles,

-The Freckled Foodie


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