Florida Trip – Miami

If you live in MN like I do, you have been sitting at home allllll day long bored out of your mind due to the snow-pocolypse that is occuring at the moment.  Although I know I should have spent more of my time today writing up some lovely posts for you all I did some things I had been putting off. Laundry, deep-cleaning the kitchen, and sorting through some of The Dr.’s things that he won’t miss (mainly because he won’t realize they are gone!)


Rewind to Monday AM and increase the temp about 60 degress and you will find me in Miami!  On our drive down to the little B&B we rented in Key West we decided to stop for a few hours in Miami for some cuban food and to check out South Beach.  We didn’t take ANY photos (dumb of me) but this is what we ate and saw!

We parked and walked all over Miami beach down to South Beach where we stopped for lunch first thing at Puerto Sagua which had rave reviews all over Yelp.  After reading a bunch reviews and deciding I still wanted to try to stay close to paleo we decided to split the Ropa Vieja and the Oxtail Stew.  The Dr. ate the rice and I ate the fried plantains which were crazy good.

Ropa Vieja, yummmm

Oxtail Stew. So fatty and delish


After a very filling lunch we walked to South Beach and enjoyed the lovely views.  Although it was wonderful weather and awesome sights I don’t think Miami would be the place I want to move to… Florida probably but not Miami.

It looks a lot like this:

South Beach


We didn’t spend a lot of time in Miami but we decided it was a little too touristy but fun to see.  Plus we were really excited to just get back on the road and drive down the Keys during sunset!!! It was gorgeous and I will show you tomorrow when I move on to Part 3!


Goodnight friends, and you MN friends? Be safe and good luck with traffic tomorrow.  So glad I work from hooome 🙂

– The Freckled Foodie

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