Minnesota State Fair!

Minnesota State Fair

The ten days leading up to Labor Day are some of my favorite days of the whole year.  100% due to the fact that the Minnesota State Fair, which is the best fair in the universe is going on.  Even if I am only there a couple of the days I am still happy because I know it is going on, the news reports directly from the fair, and the radio plays really awesome State Fair ads which always make me smile 🙂

I went last Saturday with some friends of mine, including a new friend from Ireland who had never been (obviously) so I went into straight-up Fair mode and led the pack to all the best places/foods!  This is the first year that I have eaten a paleo/real food diet so it was a little hard for me but I decided to stick to my guns and maybe let loose a little more this coming Saturday after I am done squeezing into a bridesmaid’s dress on Friday!  If you are heading to the fair in the next few days hopefully this helps you sort things out and stay on track a bit!

I started out the day by skipping beer (even though everyone else was drinking it) and had an unsweetened iced tea, followed by about 4 bottles of water because it was so gosh dang hot… Then I started getting hungry and moved on to a GIANT pickle on a stick (near the Midway)

Crunchy and yummy!

The friends were hungry so we walked into the food building where I would normally get the Wild Rice Burger, because it’s fantastic, but instead I snagged two (okay, maybe three) small cheese curds from my friend.  They are so addictive, it was hard to stop but I did! 🙂

Cheese Curds! No ketchup for me, thanks

So then I got pretty hungry since all I had eaten since breakfast was that pickle, so I headed over to the Sausage Stand to get the sausage sampler – choice of three half-sausages in a dish with sauerkraut, onions, and peppers! I chose the Bourbon-wurst, the Andouille, and the Irish sausage and obviously threw some spicy mustard on there! Super satisfying !

Sausage sampler for the win!

And then, because my friends got deep-fried snickers, got caramel-apple milkshakes, huge, creamy twist cones, I got the best sweet at the fair! The Sweet Dream peach from the Produce Exchange! The nice guy at the stand convinced me to also get the Salty Tart Coconut Macaroonsand WOW they were incredible… So good in fact that I convinced my girlfriend to get some and since I was raving about them he gave me another package of them for FREE! Lucky girl, right here.

Sweet Dream Peach in all its glory!

After that I was so incredibly full and satisfied that I didn’t need anything else! On the bus ride home I did snag one Sweet Martha’s Cookie from a friend because you absolutely cannot go to the Minnesota State Fair without at least tasting those dang addictive cookies… No lie, I will probably eat a few more this coming Saturday! But hey, it’s only once a year right?

Good luck to all those heading over there in the next few days and for those who don’t live in MN, you should make the trip next year because it’s absolutely worth it!

Oh, and I may have to try this one too… 😉

choc bacon

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