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What’s going on friends?!? Hope all of you have been kicking ass and taking names so far in 2014 🙂 After being away from home for 10 days I am right back into the swing of things in the negative temps here in Minnesota and am dreaming of summer… what I wouldn’t give to live somewhere warm on days like this!

Anyways, while I was away I had the chance to check out Denver, CO for the first time ever since two of my wonderful friends just moved there! I fell in love, pretty much immediately, and a big part of that was due to my experience and mmm…coffee! A Paleo Bistro.  I knew I wanted to check this place out after reading about it on PaleOMG and seeing Juli post pictures of the goodies there. So, on Saturday morning I walked over there and BOY am I glad I did. If I lived in Denver I would spend copious amounts of time and money there… no joke.

I heart this place!

First of all, the girls that greeted me, Kat and Amanda, were gems. Super sweet and really fun to talk to! They shared some info on the place with me, which included directing me to their little paleo library. They reached out to several paleo authors/bloggers and received cookbooks and other paleo books to share with all their patrons. In love with that. I totally got to check out Paleo Parent’s Beyond Bacon and Danielle Walker’s Against All Grains cookbook too!

paleo bookcase! so so cool

The place was super cozy and included an outdoor area too, so I got several items and made myself at home.  The coolest thing is that everything there was an option for me, which obviously NEVER happens in a cafe.  They even had baked chicken thighs precooked that you could get to go! So cool, guys. I decided on a bulletproof coffee and a chocolate chunk pumpkin bar while my friend Beth got a latte and their jelly donut muffin.  Everything was absolutely awesome.  They also gave me a sample of their famous paleo  granola which was so good that I bought an entire container to take with me on my trip 🙂 I also got one of their larabar knock offs, a few bacon wrapped dates with shredded turkey, and a few of their “crackaroons”.  Everything I tried was so good and I am incredibly thankful I had the bacon/turkey/date things and the granola for the airport and for my trip! In addition to everything I tried they also have a full menu with soups, salads, cookies, brownies, muffins, bars, kombucha, and obviously almond milk and coconut milk lattes.  Seriously.

amazing paleo granola, locally made

If you couldn’t tell by now I enjoyed my time there and may have developed a slight obsession… Now I want one of my own in Minnesota so I can spend all my free time there! So, anyone who lives in Denver head over there and support them so they can open another location in Minneapolis! DO IT 

So, to sum it up, I give mmm…coffee 5 stars (it only goes up to 5, so you know) and I can’t wait til I get to go back to Denver and stop by again! If you live in Denver or are heading there you better stop by 🙂

Please enjoy lots more pictures from my visit to mmm…coffee!

The inside of the coffee shop

bakery case with cookies, brownies, bars, muffins, and “crackaroons”

Survival bars (larabar knock offs), sardines, paleo granola, kombucha and more!

bulletproof coffee, chocolate chunk pumpkin bar and the wrapper for a jelly filled donut muffin!

No go to Denver and then come to Minnesota and bring me back some goodies! 😉

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