My sister Sarah and I met The Pioneer Woman today! Holy cow that was exciting 🙂

I have been following Ree’s blog for well over a year now and checking it each and every day.  She is the reason I got into food blogging in the first place so I was soo excited to hear she would be visiting the Mall of America today for a book signing.  I dragged my sister along to stand in line with me and waited over 3.5 hours to finally get a picture, a signature, and a few words with this amazing woman!  So worth it (even though it was SUCH a long wait).  

I had Ree sign her autobiography about her romance with Marlboro Man (her husband) and I can’t wait to read it!  

Black Heels and Tractor Wheels

She loves me, see: 

Ree's signature

When I finally got up there to meet her I felt like a total fan girl and was all nervousness and awkwardness… I almost asked if I could come visit her on the ranch sometime 🙂

Look at our deep connection.  You can tell we were mean’t to be friends, or soul mates… whichever

meeting Ree

Anyways, I nearly died when she told me and my sister “you guys are like supermodels” I was giddy, like a schoolgirl. 

If you have never checked out her blog before you SHOULD. Especially if you like to laugh and like food.  And pretty things.  And giveaways.  And basset hounds! 

Afterwards I ate a BIG pile of carnitas and guac on top of some salad at Qdoba and then proceeded to buy my first ever pair of size 2 jeans 🙂  What up Whole30 bein’ the best thing that has ever happened to me!  Plus, as I am a girl who loves a good deal, I got these particular $175 designer jeans for $59! YES! 

Hope all your weekends were just as awesome as mine! 

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