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Becoming Whole: Part 2Foods that Fuel

Becoming Whole: Part 2Foods that Fuel HEY, YOU! Read this. The E N T I R E thing.   If… Continue reading »

60 Days Paleo!

Good morning friends 🙂 Today marks 60 days since I started the Whole30 and entered the paleo world.  I am… Continue reading »

Colorful Crock Pot Chili

Colorful Paleo Chili Full of veggies and so many different flavors/textures. That’s what makes a good chili!  Don’t be scared… Continue reading »

The other day I posted about the amazing smell coming from my kitchen, that beauty up there was the reason…. Continue reading »

Anybody on the Paleo diet!

daisy-fitness: Like/reblog this post because I’d like to follow you all! 🙂 Paleo power!

Too bad it’s Monday, but at least I have yummy breakfast to wake up to! Slow cooker chicken from yesterday… Continue reading »

Totally Homemade Kale and Spicy Sausage Soup I made this soup guys. Like, from scratch!  On Wednesday night I was… Continue reading »

My Whole30, Complete!

I did it! Made it 30 days without: Grains, Dairy, Legumes, Seed oils, Sugar or Sugar Substitutes, Carrageenan, MSG, Sulfites,… Continue reading »

Just started the Whole30 on Oct 1 and I’m really excited about it! First breakfast was delicious and I don’t… Continue reading »