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Paleo Protein Bars and Travel

Happy Sunday ya’ll! I hope you are having a lovely weekend and are enjoying spring!  (for all those not in… Continue reading »

Dark Fudgey Paleo Brownies

In November, right after I had finished my first Whole30 and first 30 days of paleo eating I decided to… Continue reading »

Paleo Mocha Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Glorious. These babies were amazingly good and tasted SO decadent for being paleo and about as “healthy” as a gooey,… Continue reading »

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies. Perfection.

  Guys. I was going to wait until tomorrow for this but, I just… couldn’t. Oh. My. GOSH. These are… Continue reading »

You need a treat every now and then? Yeah, me too.   Since cinnamon rolls, brownies, cupcakes, and cookies are… Continue reading »

Chocolate. Gah.

I just had my first bite of dark chocolate (or any chocolate for that matter) in 38 days. And it… Continue reading »

Chocolate Banana Coconut “Ice Cream” 🙂 Easy and stupid delicious paleo treat. If you haven’t seen this all over the… Continue reading »

Happy Halloween or Wholeoween if you’re me 🙂 I finished my Whole30 yesterday but I don’t feel any need to… Continue reading »