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Cinnamon Roll Macaroons

Do you ever sit back and think about how different your life is now than it was 1, 2, or… Continue reading »

Fauxtmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I didn’t mean for this to happen. I created the perfect cookie and although I should be ecstatic about it… Continue reading »

Paleo “Peanut Butter” Thumbprint Cookies

It’s March and that means I am officially don’e with winter, but winter isn’t done with me which is not… Continue reading »

Paleo Mint Chocolate Chip Macaroons

I’m a bad blogger and I’m sorry. New job + new apartment that I’m trying to furnish/decorate + holiday season… Continue reading »

Chewy Paleo Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

So there are two major camps during autumn time: pumpkin ADDICTS and those who couldn’t care less about EVERYTHING PUMPKIN…. Continue reading »

Paleo Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie (Dough)!

I have to admit something… I have an addiction. To this cookie/dough. I have been aching for a real chocolate… Continue reading »

Paleo Mocha Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Glorious. These babies were amazingly good and tasted SO decadent for being paleo and about as “healthy” as a gooey,… Continue reading »