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If you’re like me, you set at least a few New Years Resolutions each year in early January, work hard… Continue reading »

Still think your daily Diet Coke is just fine? Think again.  (Source:

Top 5 Weight Loss and Health Moves

1. move away from the donuts/cookies/bread/cake/dessert 🙂 (but really) 2. move the meat and eggs towards your mouth, then chomp… Continue reading »

nbcnews: FDA investigating energy drinks after deaths, paper reports (Photo: 5-Hour Energy) Federal officials are looking into reports of 13… Continue reading »

Make Excuses, or Make Progress. Your Choice.

If you weren’t aware it is National Diabetes Awareness Day!  Although I am incredibly fortunate to not have anyone in… Continue reading »

Dr. Kenneth Fine, an expert in the growing gluten research field, has clearly demonstrated that 1 in 3 Americans have… Continue reading »

No one wants to get sick. No one wants to feel like shit. Yet millions stuff their mouths with things… Continue reading »

My Whole30, Complete!

I did it! Made it 30 days without: Grains, Dairy, Legumes, Seed oils, Sugar or Sugar Substitutes, Carrageenan, MSG, Sulfites,… Continue reading »

homosapiyum: If you only ever read one nutrition book in your life, do yourself a favour and make it It… Continue reading »