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Paris, Je t’aime

Ah, Paree. How much I loved it there. My expectations were pretty high but it still managed to far surpass… Continue reading »

Jolly Old London

I have missed you guys! I hope you all had a wonderful week wherever you are and were able to… Continue reading »

Time To Go!

Hi friends! I am ridiculously, inexpressibly, inappropriately excited today because I get to go to EUROPE for the first time 😀… Continue reading »

Florida Trip – The Keys

How gorgeous is that? The picture is amazing but doesn’t even come close to truly capturing the awesomeness of the… Continue reading »

Florida Trip – Miami

If you live in MN like I do, you have been sitting at home allllll day long bored out of… Continue reading »

Florida Trip – Naples

Hey all! I missed you while I was on vacation but hopefully a few of my fun picture kept you… Continue reading »

Taking Flight…

Pelican in flight #marcoisland #vacation #awesome

Flo Rida

Hey friends! In a couple hours The Dr. and I are heading to Florida! Starting in Naples for a couple… Continue reading »